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Social media has become a web marketing tool which has shortened distances between business and consumers, making them co-protagonists of the social sphere, sharing emotions, affects and dreams, by making published contents viral.

Business social webpage design and management with dedicated media managers, Social network advertising management, Digital campaigns preparation (facebook. twitter. instagram, ..)

In a global and competitive world, along with the arrival of new digital media, effective communication of one’s identity, brand and corporate image in a distinctive way becomes indispensable. Differentiation and immediate visibility become a priority for your success and survival in the marketplace.

Coordinated image, Logo and company brand design, Study of claim and company slogan, Business cards conception, Flyers, Catalogues, Branded stationery and forms ideation, Company packaging realisation, Gadgets.






We believe that brand identity involves meeting clients and building strong relationships,. Bringing together professionals and experiences, BIANCO organises various events, from the inauguration to the anniversary, to press conference, to company party.. We see these events as a challenge to ensure people leave with good memories of our brand. 

Creative and logistics planning, Event direction, Styling, Study of exhibition layout in the designated location, Invites and guests gifts creation, Catering selection.


Communicating a strong idea is not enough to get noticed anymore. BIANCO places side by side a unique and creative concept and an innovative marketing strategy with new tools which generate attention and create resonance. 

Communication operates either on digital or traditional media, a synergy that guarantees the maximum return on any type of investment. 

Effective advertisements inform, persuade and seduce the audience and encourages loyalty amongst customers.

Advertising campaign design and management, New product/activity launch, Target definition, Media centre.

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