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Bianco's offering goes beyond graphic design, helping you to develop social web strategies and assessing your business strengths. 

From your store sign to an effective business card, BIANCO offers its creativity, providing tailor made advice on how to improve the interaction with your clients, both aesthetically and from a communication perspective. 

BIANCO will coach your staff on your specific communication needs; with the objective of halving future costs, while respecting the efficacy of contents. 

BIANCO is a media agency which analyses, designs and realises integrated communication plans for brands, companies, products and services through the “marketing of ideas”. Each project aims to reach your goals with simplicity, creativity and efficacy. 

We apply a thorough and methodological approach which reflects our passion toward communication graphics, the foundations of BIANCO’s studio, and gives value to the most important capital, the human capital. 


bianco creative studio design modena

BIANCO is a young and resourceful agency, ready to take on the challenge of this competitive industry. We do our job with honesty, coherency, simplicity, minimalism andpassion. That is the meaning of our name.

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